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Deck Awnings

Deck awnings, sun shades, patio shades and shade sails for your home, deck or patio.

Deck Awnings - Everyone wants to have an entertainment space outdoors to take advantage of the
beautiful weather. This can be seen in today's newly built homes, as the living space is brought from
the interior to the exterior space. The benefit of owning an awning for protection for your patio or deck
is a huge selling point. Who wants to go outside on a warm spring day if you're going to get soaking
wet from a passing shower. Awnings for decks and patios can provide protection from the UV rays of
the sun or the gentle rain, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of being outside. Picture yourself enjoying
a hot summer afternoon under the shade of your deck awning where it's up to 20 degrees cooler than
your neighbor's uncovered deck. The purpose of deck awnings is to help you enjoy the outdoors in
comfort and style.

It also provides a comfortable place for you to keep an eye on the children, while they play in the
backyard or swim in the pool. Enjoy a book in your shady oasis while the kids are splashing or
playing freeze-tag in the yard. Deck awnings also provide a covered work station for landscaping
projects. Prepare your potted plants in the canopy of your new awning and avoid the heat that usually
accompanies gardening in the summertime.

An awning is also budget friendly and is the logical choice for those working within financial
restraints. They can be much cheaper than building a gazebo or pool as there are many companies
that offer pre-made awnings that come in different sizes, fabrics and colors.

Retractable awnings - With the touch of a button on a remote control or the turn of a handle, many
awnings will retract out of the way when not needed. This feature is great for when you want to enjoy
the stars at night or when the temperature turns a little cooler outside. No need to remove and store
the awning from the house during the colder weather seasons, just roll them back, snug against the
house. Retractable awnings make owning them, virtually care-free. But always remember to follow
your manufacturer's guidelines/instructions that come with your awning for care and use, as they vary
from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Freestanding awning - These awnings are great for when your patio or deck is a little too far from
your house. Simply set them up over your desired location and in no time, you've got the comfortable
shade you've been looking for. There are so many options, no matter where your deck or patio might
be. Perhaps you want some shade on the lawn or near a pool. No problem, move the retractable free
standing awning to any locale. Since most are retractable, there's no need to store it away when it's
not in use. Many close in under 1 minute. That's convenience when you need it.
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