Sun Shades
Sun Shades

Sun shades, patio shades, shade sails and awnings for your home, deck or patio.

Welcome to our website! We hope you find what you need to bring more shade and energy savings to
your home. Sun shades and awnings are great ways to add that personal touch to your home, while
at the same time, adding value. A sun shade can really be a wonderful multi-purpose investment in
your home by providing efficiency, privacy and style.   

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Sun Shades - Whether you are adding an artistic, yet functional, touch to your home or just trying to
avoid the heat, nothing works better than a decorative sunshade. Not only that, but sun shades can
provide style and personality to your home's exterior. They come in a variety of materials and color
patterns. Perfect for your house, condo or even your place of business.

Place sunshades over your windows or place them between the posts of your deck or sun room. The
great thing about a sun shade is their versatility. They can go anywhere that you want shade or privacy
around your deck or home.

Sun shades also help protect the interior of your home. They can help minimize color fading of your
window treatments and furniture. Besides adding life to your delicate interior fabrics, they can also
improve your television viewing by cutting down on the glare that reflects off your HDTV.

Installation - Follow the manufacturer's instructions that come with your sunshade. Many are do it
yourself friendly, so get your tools and pick out a weekend for installing your sunshade. Remember to
clean around the window first before you line up your brackets.

Going green - The wonderful side-benefit to having sunshades on your windows is the savings you'll
feel in your check book. By keeping out the sun's radiation, you may have lower utility bills in the
warmer summer months as the load placed on your a/c unit may be reduced. This depends on the
location of your home and the energy rating of your windows. But won't it feel good knowing you are
reducing the green house gases produced by the local power plant.

Recommendations - The EPA and CDC both recommend protecting yourself from the harmful affects
of UV radiation by wearing dual action sunscreen (
SPF>15) or avoiding the radiation by seeking
shade whenever you can.
Shade structures like shade sails, awnings and sunshades all help to
limit your exposure to the dangerous
UV radiation.
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